The Little Canopy is an event designing studio that specializes in artsy weddings, vintage weddings or any kind of non-traditional wedding.  We believe you came to our website because you’re interested in making your dream wedding come true with your unique personality and characteristics.  We’re all tired of seeing weddings after weddings produced out of cookie-cutter companies… we want something different!   Don’t look back later and realize it’s the same wedding as all of your friends, just different people.  Make all your friends talk about your wedding for a long time!

Let’s create a great wedding to invite all of your loved ones.  No more phony poses or stages.  Just you, your guests and a great place for entertainment!


Philip and Chloe met at Savannah College of Arts and Design doing artsy stuffs, and fell in love!  After graduating in 2006 they successfully created a design company that specializes in helping small businesses by creating their brand & identity.

As their design company was well on its way, Philip and Chloe decides to take the plunge and got engaged.  While creating their dream, handmade wedding, they realized that everything that they offer at their current design company well translates into skills needed in the wedding industry.  After a successful, fun, long wedding event, they decided to humbly and careful step into the wedding world to help other couples in need of their skills.

Certified Wedding Planner

Chloe is a Certified Wedding and Event Planner from the Wedding Planning Institute.

Photocredits: Anna Eli Photography + Three Pennies Photography

Rings by Stephen Kris + Diamond in the Rough