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Putting Together the Perfect Reception Table for Your Wedding with BHLDN

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Today I’m honored to feature a guest blog from BHLDN! If you are recently engaged or are already married, I’m sure you have drooled over BHLDN’s beautiful wedding dresses and wedding decors.  Their artsy yet romantic wedding decors are suitable for any weddings, and also great for keepsake for your new home 🙂  BHLDN has put together a great post about how to create a perfect reception table for your wedding.  Enjoy!


Putting Together the Perfect Reception Table for Your Wedding with BHLDN

Whether it’s a romantic vineyard soiree, beachfront banquet, casual garden party or rustic barnyard bash, the setting of your wedding determines the overall tone for the event. Once you’ve selected the venue and chosen an overall theme for your special day, the next step is finding the perfect dĂ©cor that will really bring the party to life.

When it comes to impressing your guests, start with the first place their attention will be drawn
 your reception tables! Putting together the perfect display may seem overwhelming but with a little help from our friends at BHLDN you can make your tabletops the talk of the party.


Romantic Vineyard Wedding

If you’ll be celebrating your big day under the stars, use soft tabletop lighting for your centerpieces to add to the romantic aura of the evening.

Transparent Argyle Votive Bric-A-Brac Votives


Incorporate metallic details into your display for a look that is both sophisticated and glamorous. Table numbers, place cards, table runners and vases are a great way to achieve this romantic look.

Mercury Glass Table Numbers Gilded Chevron Runner Late Afternoon Vases

DIY-Perfect-reception-table-tutorial DIY-Perfect-reception-table-tutorial


Beachfront Banquet

For brides planning a special seaside celebration, it’s all about the texture. Incorporate natural elements like wood and decorations reminiscent of seashells to subtly enhance your surroundings while keeping the overall look fresh and fun.

Wooden Box Planters Celebration Crinkle Fans

DIY-Perfect-reception-table-tutorial DIY-Perfect-reception-table-tutorial

Calming blue and green hues can also help to tie in a sea-inspired color palette.

Nightfall Votives Marseilles Table Runner



Garden Party

There is a certain whimsical element to outdoor garden receptions; the flowers, the grass, the open evening air. Make your guests feel as though they’ve just stepped into a fairytale with tabletop dĂ©cor featuring pops of color and floral details for an added touch of ethereal beauty.

Garden Confetti Parlour Pitcher Hothouse Foliage Place Cards



Barnyard Bash

Having your reception in an otherwise “simple” location doesn’t mean you have to forgo elements of glamour in your dĂ©cor. To keep a barn wedding country chic, incorporate antique tableware and items with rustic finishes for effortless charm.

Distressed Pedestal Clip Proprietor’s Keys Antiqued Brass Table Numbers


No matter the wedding venue or theme that you choose, your guests are sure to be in awe with tables that look like these!

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5 Most Popular Wedding Flowers

Weddings and flowers are two things that you cannot set apart. Weddings would never be complete without floral decorations. Flowers add up to the atmosphere of thrill, joy, and romance. Are you planning to have your wedding soon? Then you might probably be thinking what flowers would be part of your wedding décor. Well, here are five of the most popular flowers used for weddings.

Weddings and flowers are two things that you cannot set apart. Weddings would never be complete without floral decorations. Flowers add up to the atmosphere of thrill, joy, and romance. Are you planning to have your wedding soon? Then you might probably be thinking what flowers would be part of your wedding décor. Well, here are five of the most popular flowers used for weddings.


wedding flower roseImage Source


The rose is considered to be the most romantic flower out there. It is the symbol of love and that is why it is not a surprise why it is the most popular flower used for weddings. Oftentimes, brides would carry bouquets of beautifully-arranged roses. Roses can be part of the floral decors within the wedding venue. And of course, rose petals are often showered on the aisle. The rose for your wedding does not have to be red. Roses come in a variety of colors and you can choose the one that suits your wedding theme.


wedding flowers tulipsImage Source


Tulips are also popular in weddings. Some consider tulips as good alternatives to roses while some consider the former superior to the latter. It is believed that tulips symbolize fresh beginnings. This is why they suit weddings perfectly. Oftentimes, tulips are clustered and put into vases or flower stands and these are used to decorate the wedding aisle. It is important to note that tulips can wilt easily and that is why they have to be kept in water as long as possible. Aside from being used for wedding bouquets and general décor, tulips can also be perfect table centerpieces.


wedding flowers calla liliesImage Source

Calla Lilies

Calla lilies are also a good choice for weddings. The most popular color for this flower is white. And it is because of its ivory white look that it is a perfect wedding décor. Like other flowers, calla lilies symbolize a lot of things. What made the calla lily a popular wedding flower aside from its look is that it symbolizes purity and virginity. Other colors in which this flower is available include orange, pink, purple, and yellow. Calla lilies maintain their beauty for a long time. This means they can be installed as decors even several hours before the wedding proper.


wedding flowers gardeniasImage Source


Gardenias are those beautiful flowers that resemble roses. And since they are available all year, they are perfect alternatives for roses and tulips in case these are not available. What makes a lot of brides love gardenias is that it they are very fragrant flowers. Their scent is fragrant enough for the whole wedding venue. They are commonly added to bouquets and are even worn as corsages by the bridesmaids and the wedding guests. What is noteworthy is that gardenias can be quite costly.


wedding flowers orchidsImage Source


Of course, this list would not be complete without featuring orchids. There is a variety of orchids out there in terms of size, color, and look. In weddings, one of the most popular species of orchids is the cymbidum. Now when you decorate with orchids, make sure they are fresh. Placing them in areas that are either too hot or too cold would ruin them!


Author Bio: Today’s featured author, Nicola Joseph, is a part of the team at Amapola Blossoms, a company providing gift baskets online. She enjoys her job and practices martial arts when she gets free. You can follow her on Twitter: @nicolajoseph12

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5 Cool Modern Proposal Techniques

5 Cool Modern Proposal TechniquesGuest Post by :: Nicola

My article looks at a few new ways people can propose to their girlfriend, because the traditional proposal methods are getting a little boring these days. If you find the girl of your dreams you want to propose to her in the most magical way possible, so let’s look at a few modern methods that can finally replace the more traditional ones.

On a roller coaster

This is tricky to pull off, but if you succeed you will have a great story to tell the grandchildren. First you need to find a roller coaster where they take a photo of your car as you go over a big drop. You’ve also got to have a few pieces of paper ready and when combined they should read ‘Will You Marry Me?’ Your girlfriend will need to be at the front of the car and you can give the paper to the people sitting behind you. When she goes to look at the photo after the ride she will give you an answer.

A QR code necklace

QR codes are becoming very popular these days and they can do so many things. You can even use your phone to scan an advertisement in a magazine and you’ll be sent online to buy the product. You can also buy your girlfriend a QR code necklace and you can give it to her as a gift when you’re somewhere special. If she is curious she will scan the code straight away to see what it says and the words ‘Will You Marry Me?’ will appear on her mobile phone.

After a nice coffee

If your girlfriend has a coffee obsession there is a good chance she drinks lots of it every day, but I hope she doesn’t have a favorite mug or this will be hard. You will need to buy her a new coffee mug and it should have the words ‘ Will You Marry Me?’ at the bottom of it. As long as she drinks up every last bit of coffee she will see the message staring her in the face. Just don’t slip the ring into the coffee because it’s not the same when you don’t have champagne.

Inside restaurant menu

We’ve already mentioned the champagne trick and it gets used a lot when a guy wants to propose to his girlfriend in a restaurant. There are two big problems with this kind of proposal. It’s been done to death so your girlfriend won’t find it special, plus you will have to wait until you’re half way through the night before you order the champagne. It’s much better to speak to the restaurant beforehand because you can ask them to give her a menu with your message right at the start of the night.

A line in the sand

Another old favorite is to take your girlfriend to the beach so you can sit on the sand and watch the waves crashing into the shore. You then turn around and ask her to marry you. It was sweet 10 years ago, but now it’s just boring and you need to move up to the next level. Wake up in the middle of the night and run down to the beach so you can write your message in the sand. Now take your girlfriend for a walk early in the morning and let her stumble across your creation before pulling your diamond wedding ring out.

Author Bio:: Nicola Joseph, the author of this article, is a freelance blogger, currently writing for, Buy Diamonds Direct, leading importers of fine cut diamonds in Florida. She takes keen interest in jewelery designing and is great at painting. You can get in touch with Nicola via Twitter @NicolaJoseph.

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TIP: 5 Serious Wedding Mistakes To Avoid

TIP: 5 Serious Wedding Mistakes To Avoid at All CostsGuest Post by Nicola


Sometimes wedding photos will work out much better if people void making any serious mistakes, so I’ve talked about what they are and how people can stay away from them. The moment your wedding photos arrive through the door it can be a time of bliss, or it can be a recipe for disaster. Unfortunately some things go wrong and photos get ruined, but if you stick to a few tips I’m going to speak about today you shouldn’t suffer any problems.

Stick to the schedule

Wedding photographers appreciate it’s your big day, but at the same time you have to appreciate the world doesn’t revolve around you even on your wedding day. When you arrange a schedule with the photographer it’s best to keep it which means you shouldn’t be running around late. It might take you one or two minutes to take photos of famous monuments when you go on holiday, but if you want your wedding photographs to look great the photographer needs lots of time to do their magic.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Your photographer might think they’re taking beautiful photos of you, but when you see them you might decide you hate them. How will they possibly know what photos to take without guessing? The perfect solution is to send them a bunch of photos before your big day. Send a pile where you think you look attractive and send a pile where you think you don’t look attractive. On your wedding day this will help them take a lot more photos you will love compared to lots you’ll hate.

Going with one photographer

A wedding photographer doesn’t come cheap. They have to spend the day at your wedding taking hundreds of photos, but after the wedding is over they need to edit everything. That being said, if you want the best photographs possible you should definitely hire a second photographer. The second one will be able to capture photos from angles the first photographer won’t catch. Just in case you’re wondering, your Uncle Bob and his iPhone doesn’t count as a second photographer.

Deal with the schedule beforehand

We’ve already talked about sticking to the schedule, but first you must work with the photographer to devise one. They will know much more than you, so you must listen to everything you say. You might want to do something at a certain time, but your photographer might tell you that is the best time to take the photos so you can take advantage of the natural light. If you want photos with lots of unflattering shadows you can just ignore everything they say.

Don’t look at the camera

You don’t need to stare at the camera when the photographer is clicking away. It would look a little strange if every one of your photos had all eyes pointing at the camera no matter what the situation. Sometimes they will need to take natural shots and that means you need to go about your business as usual. I know this is quite difficult to do and an unnatural force usually pulls your eyes towards the lens, but try your hardest to stare away from the camera unless your photographer says differently.


Author Bio:  Nicola Joseph, the author of this article, is a freelance blogger, currently writing for, JS Photography, professional wedding photographers in Sydney. She takes keen interest in animation and graphics and is currently working on bettering her skills. You can get in touch with Nicola via Twitter @NicolaJoseph.

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The Four Most Trendy Wedding Food in 2014

The Four Most Trendy Wedding Food in 2014 : Guest post on The Little Canopy by Leslie KramerGuest Post by Leslie Kramer

As your big day fast approaches you will typically have a lot of organizing to do. This will involve choosing the wedding venue, the wedding dress, the rings, the reception venue, and of course the food. With that being said, many couples are left confused when it comes to choosing food for their wedding reception, as they want to ensure that their guests come back for more, but they also want to avoid offering the “standard” menu that you may have come to expect from a wedding menu. This post will introduce you to some fantastic trends in terms of food, which have gone down a treat when offered as part of a wedding menu.



The first thing that springs to mind when you hear the word “meatballs” is a big mess and something that doesn’t sound glamorous at all. However, meatballs have been seen on many wedding menus in 2013 and they are probably far more appropriate than you would believe. They can be consumed in a number of ways, such as with a variety of breads, or even mini meatballs for a quick finger snack. They will typically look fantastic if presented in the right way and will certainly taste lovely as well. Many wedding parties are now focusing on non-traditional meatballs, such as different flavours from around the world.


Food Trucks

A food truck will certainly bring a bit of fun to mealtime at your wedding reception and they are proving to be extremely popular in recent years. This is a fantastic opportunity to load up on a variety of foods, including pizzas and burgers followed by an ice cold beer, or even for a vast array of delicious desserts. Once again, a food truck may not seem like the ultimate statement in glamour, but it will certainly put a smile on most people’s faces.


Family Dinner

Rather than the more traditional wedding banquet, far more couples are opting for the good old family dinner. This will include laying out a number of starters for everyone at their specific table to tear into which is then followed by a main course, which will see side dishes served as they would be around a table for family dinner. Basically, people can just tuck into what they want and can share with others around their table, thus creating a far more close-knit and family feel to dinner.


Ice Cream

We all love ice cream, but a fairly new trend at weddings is to offer a DIY sandwich bar. You will need to check with whoever is completing your wedding catering, as to whether they offer this type of facility, but this is yet another great way to see your guests enjoying themselves when it comes to dinner time. Your guests will have the opportunity to create their very own sundaes and ice cream sandwiches and the kids will definitely not feel bored with a DIY ice cream facility in the room. This is also something a little different to the norm, but is likely to go down a treat and be remembered by your guests for a very long time to come.


The author of this post, Leslie Kramer, is a freelance blogger, who is currently writing for Landmark Venues, one of the well-known wedding planners in NJ. Leslie is a big time movie-buff and likes to go for trekking and camping with her friends on weekends. 

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Top 5 Must-Have Vendors When Getting Married!

Top 5 Must-Have Vendors When Getting Married

::Guest Post by Nicola Joseph::

If you are busy planning a wedding then your very long list of things to do in preparation may well be making you feel a little daunted! This is not surprising – after all planning a wedding is very involved and there are lot of different things to think about. One of the things that you should tick off your list early is booking all of the suppliers. This is important because the really good ones tend to get booked up really early. Here are five suppliers that you can’t do without – get them booked nice and early to avoid disappointment!



The photographer is a crucial part of the day (and you may want somebody there to film the day too). Photos are a wonderful way of being able to look back on your big day for many years to come. It is also a lovely idea to share the photos online so that your friends and family from further afield can get an idea of how the day was. Book your photographer early as the good ones get snapped up quickly!



Another important supplier to book early is the caterer. These are the people that are going to serve up delicious food to your guests, so it is vital that you book caterers with a great reputation so that you feel safe in their hands. You will need to choose the menu and this may involve some tasting – so pick your caterer and then go along to sample some of their yummy menu options!



Of course, you are going to need to secure the venue nice and early, so make sure you pick one that you know you will be happy with on the day. Most dedicated wedding venues will allocate you one member of staff who is responsible for helping you with the planning, and it’s a really good idea to build up a great relationship with them as they will be able to help you a lot.


Wedding Stationer

You’ll need to employ the services of a wedding stationer who will design some stunning invitations, place names, ‘save the date’ cards… whatever you need. Some people even get their wedding stationer to design the order of service for the church. Have a look at their portfolio and make sure that you like their style before you book them.



Last but not least, you need a really creative florist on your wedding team. The flowers are such an integral part of your wedding day – they are present in the church, at the reception, and even in your hands as you walk down the aisle! Find a local florist and let them know your colour schemes so that they can start working on your designs.


If you book your wedding suppliers really early you can be sure that things will run smoothly in the lead up to the big day. Make sure everything is contracted so that nobody can let you down, and remember to thank them afterwards for being a part of your big day!


Author Bio:

Nicola Joseph, the author of this article, is a freelance blogger, currently writing for, Flowers by Alice, leading Florists in Adelaide. Her hobbies include gardening and baking. You can get in touch with Nicola via Twitter @NicolaJoseph.

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Tip: 5 Things to Stop the Bride-To-Be from Freaking Out

Tip: 5 Things to Stop the Bride-To-Be from Freaking Out

Guest Post by Nicola Joseph


Today, I’ll be talking about some of the things friends and family can do to eliminate some of the stress from the bride’s life so they don’t end up freaking out on their big day. Once you’ve worked with enough brides-to-be you’ll know they are a little crazy. They can get stressed out by the simplest of things and since you’re their friend or family member it’s your job to make sure that doesn’t happen. We’re going to take a look at a few ways you can make their life as stress free as possible so they can concentrate on enjoying their big day.


Look over the contracts

Once the bride has decided which vendors she wants to work with it’s your job to take over the reins so she can forget about them. This means checking over the contracts to make sure everything is ready to go as planned. The bride won’t forgive you if the limo doesn’t turn up to take her to the church. Even though everything looks good to go you should still contact each vendor a week before the wedding to make sure everything is still on schedule, which will prevent any unforeseen hiccups from ruining anything.


Everyone should be in sync

Hopefully you’ve got a detailed time-line of everything that needs to happen during the big day. The photographer, DJ, and anyone else providing a service at the wedding should have their own one You should maybe make sure all of them line up correctly. Go over it with the bride so she can agree to it, plus she might want to change a few things. Once everyone knows what they have to do and they’re in sync there is much less chance of something going wrong.


Supervise the Set-Up

The bride-to-be will spend the entire morning worrying about what is to come. If you’re getting ready with the bride you should still send someone to supervise the set-up, so it means she won’t have to stress about things not being ready. Instead she can just stress over how she will feel standing in front of hundreds of people in her beautiful gown. Because someone will be at the venue in plenty of time it will also give them a chance to sort any last minute problems before you and the bride arrive.


Usher guests to reception venue. 

This is one of the most overlooked aspects of a wedding and everything will go a lot smoother when someone takes care of it. As soon as the wedding ceremony is over you should put on your shepherd’s coat. Imagine all the guests are sheep and it’s your duty to make sure they get to the reception venue in plenty of time. It means people won’t get to mess around and the party can start much sooner, plus the photographer won’t get bored standing around waiting on everyone.


Take care of their personal property

Once the reception party is over the bride will want to sail off into the sunset, so she won’t want to waste her time making sure all of her personal property is taken care of. You can take her wedding gifts and secure them in a hotel or storage room so nobody can steal anything. Don’t think you have to do all the heavy lifting yourself. Ask some of your trusted friends for help if they’re not too drunk, but you just need to oversee everything so the bride doesn’t have to worry about it.


Author Bio: Nicola Joseph, the author of this post, is a freelance blogger, currently writing for, Dream Day Limousines, a renowned limousine hire service in Brisbane. She is great with software and designing and enjoys spending her time in research. You can get in touch with her on Twitter @Nicola Joseph.

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Shutterfly :: DIY DĂ©cor for the Modern Bridal Shower

guest post on The Little Canopy by Shutterfly : DIY Decor for the Modern Bridal Shower


If your friend or family member is getting married and you’re throwing a bridal shower, it’s no surprise you want the day to be perfect. After all, the bride is likely so busy sending out save the dates, taste testing cakes, and planning out her ceremony that she hasn’t had a moment’s rest. So how can you make your friend’s shower extra special? By adding your personal touch to the dĂ©cor. DIY is all the rage these days, and with a little creativity, you can transform a bridal shower from okay to ah-mazing!



Invites, Name Cards, and Favors

When it comes to the paper goods for your friend’s bridal shower, don’t go plain ol’ store-bought. While that could mean time spent purchasing supplies, stamping, and embellishing cardstock, it can also mean designing personalized bridal shower invitations online. It’s quick and convenient, and with hundreds of pre-designed templates, fonts, and colors to choose from, you can’t go wrong! For name cards, use the embellishments – everything from ribbons to buttons, jewels, and glitter – and bring your creative flair.
A few fun ways to create name cards that will double as favors include:

‱ Wrap a beautiful package of homemade cookies. Tie it with a ribbon and name tag with each guest’s name.

‱ Purchase colorful journals. Create embellished name labels and affix them to the front. Then, turn the journals on their side so they stand up.

‱ Gather enough Scrabble stands and letters. Use them to spell out each guest’s name. If you want to add extra flair, paint the stands in accent colors.


[Photo Source]

 Table Décor

In addition to name cards and favors, you can spice up your bridal shower table dĂ©cor with planted herb centerpieces. Attach several cards with recipes using that particular herb – for example, rosemary chicken or thyme-rubbed steaks. Or, add a twist to the classic vase. Find and create a bouquet of silk flowers, beads, and anything else that catches your eye. Another idea is to use the bride and groom’s engagement pictures as centerpieces – print them in black and white and place them in vintage frames for a fun effect.


[Photo Source]

 Food & Drink

An essential part of any bridal shower is the food, but what if you could use the food to double as decorations? Cookies, cupcakes, homemade popsicles – all of it can be used to add color accents and lend to the mood of the shower. Place them on pretty white or silver trays, and create dimensions by including some flat trays and some tiered. Come up with other creative food displays, such as using glass jars for smaller snack items. And what’s creative food without fun drinks? Make a juice that matches the colors of the shower. Then, serve them in mason jars with decorative name tags and striped straws.

Guests will gush over your ingenuity! No matter the theme of your friend’s bridal shower, by adding your own personal touch to the dĂ©cor, you’re sure to create a fun environment for the bride to be. And a huge bonus – seeing how much time and energy you put into planning and designing the perfect shower will make the bride feel extremely loved. And after all, isn’t that the whole point?


Author Bio: Heather Hewitt is a seasoned writer and guest author who enjoys connecting people with thoughtful products, services and ideas as they relate to crafting, photography, gift giving and personal expression.

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3 Top Tips for a First-Time Maid of Honor

Three Top Tips for a first time maid of honor

3 Top Tips for a First-Time Maid of Honor

Naturally the bride and the groom are the most important part of the wedding, but the maid of honor is a close second. After all, the maid of honor is the bride’s right hand and she is there through the planning, staging, crying, shopping, laughing, etc. As my sister’s maid of honor, I was her right and left hand. I handled a million tasks and was her go-to person for every wedding planning dilemma. I was more than happy to do the job, but when you accept that role you have no idea what you’re in store for. My goal is to educate the future MOH’s of the world on what is expected of you, what you’ll experience and what you can do to be the best maid of honor a bride will ever ask for.

1. Be an Organizing Junkie

If you’re naturally organized this task will come easy, but if you’re like me, you’re going to need some help. There are a lot of things you’re responsible for as the maid of honor — planning the bachelorette party, going with the bride to fittings, organizing meetings, etc. I suggest making or buying a planner that you can devote to the maid of honor role solely. Use that planner to write down important dates, meetings, and contact information. I also use mine to keep track of my sister’s favorite online gift resource and what has been bought by whom. A maid of honor who misses appointments isn’t a reliable one, so set appointment reminders in your phone or email as well — that way you get an extra reminder aside from your written planner.

2. Be Everyone’s Friend

The bride is busy (and stressed) with the wedding planning. As the maid of honor, you’re her go-to and liaison between everyone else involved in the wedding. You’re likely the person who controls the wedding party, which means you should probably introduce yourself to them all. It’s important to start off on the right foot with the bridal party and introduce yourself as the maid of honor. Even if you cannot meet them in person, shoot them a “hi nice to meet you” email or give them a call. Once you know everyone involved in the wedding, you will be more comfortable handing off little tasks to them — yes, you can do that.

Now that you’re friends with everyone, you need to remember to be the bride’s best friend. Do what you can to take a few of those wedding to-do’s off her list. While you cannot do them all, every little bit you’re able to do for her helps. Consider doing the pick-ups, dropping off items, calling vendors to check-in, etc., to help her save a little time.

3. Be Prepared

I learned a lot as the maid of honor for my sister’s wedding, including how many things can go wrong. Just like the girl scouts and boy scouts always preach, you should always be prepared. I suggest bringing along a number of things on the actual wedding day, including things like my favorite stain pen, hair pins, mints, a copy of the bride’s vows, tissues, eye makeup kits and something for the headaches (for all party members). Pack a bridal party emergency kit with the essentials and the things you wouldn’t think you’d need.

Lastly, remember that wedding planning is stressful. Try to take yourself and the bride out on a regular basis and get away from the wedding planning. Go to dinner or see a movie and don’t discuss the wedding what-so-ever. The more relaxed you keep the bride, the easier the planning process will be. Make jokes about the process to lighten up the stress level. And of course, empathize with the bride. Be there to let her vent her frustrations and do what you can to make her smile. My sister relied on me to not only help her with the planning process, but keep her sane. By being there for her, through it all, you can make this the perfect wedding everyone will remember.


“Morgan Gray is a writer from New York whose recent title of Maid of Honor has given her a bout of inspiration. While she has a personal fashion blog over at, she is looking to reach out to any and all ladies in her Maid of Honor shoes in the hopes of sharing some first-hand advice.”




10 Tools to help with your wedding planning

10 Tools to Help With Wedding Planning
Today I have compiled a list of 10 important tools to help you with your wedding planning.
Hope it helps to organize your thoughts and tasks, and make your wedding planning as pleasant and smooth as possible!
Good luck!

1. Budget Calculator
Probably one of the most important tools.  Before you fall in love with a venue, make sure it’s within your budget by filling out this form.

Ever feel like you’re nagging at your fiance with reminders?  Well let the Google calendar do all the reminders for you!  Create a wedding calender, put all the important dates on there, and have the alert go off his phone automatically.

Download the TheKnot app on your phone, and follow the check list.  It also tells you a general timeline.

Find your vendors and venues through Wedding Wire.  Make sure to read reviews before you make your choices.
Wedding Bee is full of creative brides that help you through your process.  Share your ideas, ask for help, give advices to other clueless brides.
Create your registry with any brand on one site, at the comfort of your home!
Instead of creating a normal registry, try the Honeyfund, the free honeymoon registry!
Essential ‘Wedding Bible’ for all DIY brides.  It has everything you would need to know to plan your own wedding.
Start pinning your dream wedding!  You can share your board to your planner, designer, photographer and other vendors to get your inspirations across.
 Follow us here
Create your free wedding website!  Nowadays wedding websites are a must have for our tech-savvy-but-forgetful guests.