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Free Giveaway #2 Swarovski Elements


Hello Everyone!!

I’m so excited to announce that we’re doing a free giveaway for this gorgeous Swarovski Elements bracelet!  Swarvoski has launched a new Wedding Directory where you can find all sorts of great wedding inspirations.  Shows you connections to products and vendors that uses Swarovski Elements, so that you can trust their quality in crystals.  You can learn more by going to their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Enter to win this Swarovski Elements Atomic Bracelet now!

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Entries will be accepted through September 27th 12:00am. Open to US residents only.  Once the winner is notified via email, the winner will have 48 hours to respond.  Otherwise a new winner will be chosen!  Good luck!

Oh not only are we giving this bracelet away… Swarovski has more to give!

Enter now to win more bling 😉








Free Giveaway!

Kendra-Elise Photography and The Little Canopy will be announcing a free give away on 07.15.2013.

Stay tuned, and like our facebook pages to stay tuned!

Kendra-Elise’s FB + The Little Canopy’s FB


Interview with LeahandMark’s Intern Alex

Hello!  About a week ago Alexander, an intern at Leah and Mark Photography, reached out to us and did a little interview about The Little Canopy.  Alexander is a photographer at ATL Photography, a husband and wife photography team.  I’m loving all the strong colors they capture into their photos!

Read the article about us here!



Photo Diary: This Week at TLC

Photo Diary of TLC

This week was pretty much following up after the Wedding Day Hooray show.  I’m still dumbfounded that we were able to attend the show, and that we got such great responses!  Everyone gave flattering compliments to the paper flower backdrop, petal curtains and the pompom flowers.  It was amazing to be part of a show with friendly exhibitors with their awesome energy.

These are just pics from my instagram… More detailed post is coming soon. I promise!



Busy Busy TLC Week

Instagram Week Summary

Business Cards // Valentine’s Day Edibles from hubby // Valentine’s Day asado lime steak dinner // handmade paper wedding backdrop for Wedding Day Hooray // Heart burst cake toppers // our craft room mcm tongue and grove ceilings // xacto knife action // egg // paper straws // heart cupcake toppers packaging



100 ways on how to save money on your wedding

100 tips How To Save Money on Weddings

What are some ways to save money on your wedding?

The great thing about getting married in this generation is that there are not much traditions to follow!  You get to create your own traditions, and everything you want goes.  The most popular weddings you see today are the ones that goes outside the box.  And also are ones that are very cost efficient.  So here’s 100 fun ways to save money on your wedding!

Reception + Ceremony.
1. Pick an off wedding season.
2. Have an intimate wedding.
3. Have a wedding in your backyard.
4. Have the ceremony and the reception at the same place.
5. Do a lunch reception.
6. Do an afternoon wedding with hors d’oeuvres and finger food.
7. Have the wedding at your church.
8. Consider having a wedding on a day other than Saturday.
9. Ask your friends to be the servers.
10. Ask your pastor or someone you know to conduct the ceremony.
11. Have a big afternoon ceremony with desserts, and then have a separate intimate reception.
12. Find a venue with open catering services.
13. Find a venue where you can bring your own drinks.
14. Stick to the time schedule to avoid overtime fee.
15. If you’re planning on walking down the aisle at 6pm, send the invitation for 5:30pm.
16. Look for all inclusive venue that includes tables, chairs, linens, flowers, lighting.

Decorations + Stationery
17. Shop for vases and decorations at a thrift store.
18. Use favors a part of the table decorations.
19. Use candles as your decorations.
20. Gather decorations from Craigslist and garage sales
21. Buy flowers in that season
22. Find non-floral decorations like candles and lanterns and tissue paper flower.
23. Print your own invitations
24. Save your postage fee by emailing your save the dates.
25. Utilize Facebook Invites and save the dates.
26. Use Christmas lights to give it a romantic setting.
27. Make a website for RSVP, or do email RSVPs.
28. Make paper flowers for decorations.
29. Send out postcard invitations to save money on postage/envelope.
30. Do you really need flowers? How about some pinwheels?
31. Use the ceremony flowers for cake table at the reception.
32. Print your own menu, program, seating chart.
33. Buy flowers at your local farmers market.
34. Skip the individual menu and print one big menu at the reception entrance.
35. Fill up big spaces with balloons
36. Print out the table numbers and frame them.
37. Spray paint beer bottles and spaghetti bottles for vases.
38. Find chairs, ribbons, table covers at party shops that have nothing to do with weddings.
39. Incorporate fruits as part of decorations. (Ex Pomegranate, figs, lemons, etc)
40. Consider long rectangular tables over round tables, to use less table centerpieces.

41. Get a smaller band.
42. Get a DJ who does reception + ceremony.
43. Skip the band and have a friend to make a playlist on the laptop for reception.
44. Have a friend help you play the exact song for the ceremony.
45. Avoid buying things that has “Bridal” or “Wedding” in the title. You can find it cheaper somewhere else (for ex. Sparklers)
46. Have a college music band perform at your wedding.
47. Negotiate with your photographer’s fee by reducing their hours.
48. Find a student photographer or a friend.
49. Ask everyone with a DSLR camera to bring them, snap them, and then email it all to you.
50. Make an Instagram hashtag and ask people to tag it.
51. Find an outgoing friend to be an MC for your wedding.  You might be able to skip on printing the program.
52. Ask a friend to sing for you.

Food + Drinks + Gifts
53 Have a 1 or 2 tiered small wedding cake, and have a larger sheet of cake hidden in the kitchen for serving.
54. Do a cash bar only.
55. Do 1 or 2 hour open bar, the rest of the night cash bar.
56. Give out a favor per couple, not per person.
57. Have the favor double as an escort card.
58. Use fresh flower cake decorations, not fancy sugar flowers.
59. Make your own cake topper or cake decorations.
60. Have a buffet instead of a seated dinner.
61. Buy your own drinks and alcohol.
62. Ask a friend to bake you a simple cake.
63. Do cupcakes instead of a cake.
64. Did you know your local grocery store have great deals on cake?
65. Buy drinks and alcohol in bulk for a discount.
66. Find a liquor store that accepts unopened left over returns.
67. Don’t think you HAVE to have favors! You can skip them.
68. Instead of favors, have a candy station where they can scoop their own needs.
69. Have a potluck for reception!
70. Do a one layer small cake, have a fake cake multiple tiers on the bottom.
71. Do minimum size cake, and have a big cake stand.
72. Skip the liquor; just have beer and wine.
73. Think about not having alcohol at all.
74. Ask your baker to use butter cream frosting instead of fondant.
75. Make something for the bridal party gifts.
76. Ask your catering company to only fill champagne one or two thirds of the glass.
77. Offer champagne only for toasts.
78. Serve non-fancy food like tacos, mini burgers to keep it fun and light.
79. Ask your caterer to make a special menu for kids that’s more affordable.

Attire + Beauty
80. Make your own garter.
81. Buy a used veil.
82. Rent your dress.
83. Do your own hair and makeup.
84. Do facials at home with homemade ingredients.
85. Buy discount shoes or regular white/ivory shoes.
86. Borrow things from already married friends.
87. Reduce the number of your bridal party.
88. Rent tuxedos.  Usually the groom can get his for free.
89. Look through your dad’s closet for bowtie, necktie and cufflinks.
90. Think of carrying a single flower like calla lily for you and the bridesmaid.
91. Buy a used wedding dress.
92. Wait for wedding dress sales
93. Find a sample sale for your wedding dress.
94. Buy a dress off the rack (Some boutiques offer discounts)
95. Have fresh flowers in your head instead of a veil.
96. Wear a mini wedding dress with cute colorful heels.
97. Borrow jewelry from friends and family.
98. Get your nails done at home.
99. Buy a dress that comes with a corset.
100. Consider other white, off white dresses that are for bridesmaids or other formal occasions.


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Wedding Day Hooray Wedding Marketplace

Wedding Day Hooray

I’m soooo thrilled to announce that The Little Canopy will be attending Wedding Day Hooray on 2.16.2013!!  Organized by the Indie Craft Experience, Wedding Day Hooray is a curated, crafty, artsy wedding marketplace where all these awesome artists and vendors come together to provide the future brides their best decorations and wedding services available.  I’ve attended several shows they host at Ambient Plus Studio, and never imagined I’ll be attending as a vendor this year.  It was a last minute decision since there are only limited space, and I was surprised where there was a space available for me.  It’ll be my first show so I’ll have a lot of awkwardness and unpreparedness, but nevertheless I’ll learn a lot, get inspired and meet great people at this show.  Mark your calendars and come find me!

Wedding Day Hooray

I’m listed as a vendor with the above picture on their website. yay! Checkout other vendors that will be attending the show here

Photosource Wedding Day Hooray


Flower Petal Curtain Backdrop

The moment you all have been waiting for! The Little Canopy’s handmade flower petal curtain backdrop!! I have uploaded the 10 feet long curtain here and the 7 feet long curtain here.  Due to it’s long strands, it is packaged per strands, and it does not come with a bar to attach it to.  I’ll be glad to add that bar for you, but it’ll just be extra shipping fee on your part for no good reason.  These are all hand sewn with invisible thread, with silk flower petals in pink gradient.  I’ll be glad to have it all in one color as well! I made 7 feet and 10 feet, one for budget bride, and the other for a venue with high ceilings.  Long enough for it to gather on the floor.  It’s actually best for outdoor weddings, letting each strand move around with the wind.

Ask me any questions, and check them out in the Etsy Shop!

Handmade Flower Petal Curtain BackdropHandmade Flower Petal Curtain BackdropHandmade Flower Petal Curtain BackdropHandmade Flower Petal Curtain Backdrop


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