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DIY Printable Table Numbers

DIY Printable table numbers by He Saw Sparks $15.00

DIY Printable Table Number Flags by Muska & Elvis $10.00

DIY Printable Table Number by Paper Wink $20.00

DIY French Inspired Table Numbers by One Fab Day $FREE

DIY Printable Retro Table Numbers by Hermias Wishes $15.00

And last but not least….

Free Printable Standing Table Numbers by The Little Canopy.  $FREE


Free Printable Bicycle Fingerprint Guest Book

This site is awesome! There are so many printable products at Wedding Chicks where you can type in what you need to without any other software.  You can customize colors as well!!  I wonder why I didn’t know about this way before my wedding.  It would have been much helpful.  This guestbook is a popping trend where your guests can imprint their thumbs with water based ink, and you can choose for them to write their name on it or just keep it a thumbnail.  Find this printable poster here

These are what we made for our wedding.  Bird cage hanging on a ribbon.

Of course, there are always rebellious guests that print their thumbs outside the designated area, for ex INSIDE THE CAGE.  tsk tsk.  It might be a good idea for you to print a small picture of what it’s suppose to look like.  Oh and I used these inks.

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Dessert Table

One Girl Cookies


Manolo Brides


Merryl Brown Events


Canvas & Canopy Events

Dessert tables at weddings and events are so much fun.  Not only is it filled with goodies, it’s fun to look at!  One of the easiest way to decorate an empty space in your wedding venue is a dessert table.  And the best part is, it’s so easy to make it look nice.  A few plates of dessert of your choice, that you can even purchase at regular supermarkets, a few puffy flower decorations or some kind of vertical centerpiece and voila!  Dessert table is a great place to have your guests mingle as well.

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Barn Wedding

Sarah Lee Welch Photography


One Love Photo

Green Wedding Shoes

One of a very popping wedding theme trend is barn wedding.  A few reasons why barn weddings are so popular is because of its natural lighting, high ceiling, and the fact that it’s such a contemporary idea.  Using the rustic feel of the venue, you can incorporate its natural wood and rust look to your wedding.  Just using Christmas lights, you can make the space come to life.  Barn weddings are perfect for outdoor settings too.  A lot of color for your photography, fresh air and lots of space to decorate.

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Handmade Wedding Backdrop


Image from: Save the Date for Cupcakes


Altmix Photography


Katherine O’Brien


Fun DIY handmade paper wedding backdrops from creative artists!  definitely gives enough texture and color for great photos and focal point

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