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DIY Floral Meringue Sandwiches + Lemon Curd

Want to create your own beautiful dessert favors? Here's the perfect recipe! These cute meringue sandwiches are colorful and deliciously sweet! Want to create your own beautiful dessert favors? Here’s the perfect recipe! These cute meringue sandwiches are colorful and deliciously sweet! Get the whole recipe here! Enjoy.

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DIY Wedding Signature Drink

Today we have a guest blogger Michelle Pino who has shared with us a delicious post on your wedding signature drink.  Below is a recipe for the drink The Love Bug. Pretty to look at, and I’m dying to try this drink myself!  And the name of the drink is oh-so-cute.  Enjoy!

wedding signature drink pommartini

The Love Bug

1 1/2 parts Pomegranate Liqueur
1 part Vodka
3 parts Ginger Ale

Stir and serve over ice in a highball glass. Garnish with a lime wedge.


Your Wedding, Your Signature Drink.
The big day arrives after months of planning. Everything is perfect right down to the
signature drink wedding guests will enjoy. There are several things to consider before
selecting a special signature drink that speaks of your happy day:
. The number of guests who prefer alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks
. The wedding theme
. The time of year
. The types of drinks guests favor most

A Signature Drink Begins With Creativity
Planning the champagne toast to the bride and groom can be the origin of the signature
drink for the remainder of the reception. There are a number of spectacular drinks with
ingredients that include the champagne chosen for the wedding toast. Try to select a
signature drink that can be served with and without alcohol to satisfy the preferences
of all guests. The signature drink should incorporate the theme of the wedding, as
well as the color scheme. The season of the year in which the wedding is held may
also be a guide to the special drink. Above all, select ingredients that emphasize the
bride and groom’s individual personalities. If there is a wide gap in personalities, offer
two signature drinks like a Bride’s Cup and a Groom’s Cup. The Bride’s Cup can be a
combination of a vanilla flavored liqueur with a splash of vermouth. The Groom’s Cup
might be a combination of stout and a splash of Chartreuse.

Seasonal and Colorful Signature Drinks
If following the color scheme of the wedding is important, create a special drink that
amplifies the color scheme. Many signature drinks can be layered using two or more
colored liquors. This is also true of weddings that accent the season in which they are
planned. For instance, a winter wedding might offer a delightful signature drink with
ingredients like warmed Creme de Cocoa layered over a mound of shaved vanilla
flavored ice served in a champagne glass. Similarly, spring weddings could offer
a seasonal drink of strawberry flavored liqueur over strawberry ice. These drinks
incorporate color and a sense of celebration of the season.

Personalize Your Signature Drink
A happy couple wants to share their happiness with wedding guests. What better way to
do this than with a signature drink made special for the bride and groom? If the couple
are sporty types, choose a signature drink with verve and assertiveness. An icy, tall
tumbler of peppered gin blended with the juice of sour orange is one example of a sporty
type drink. For artsy couples, use several layers of colorful liqueurs artfully swirled with
dry vermouth and a drizzle of fizzy soda.

A Special Recipe for a Signature Drink
The following recipe can be created with or without alcohol.


“Michelle Pino has contributed this recipe based in hopes to inspire others to explore their own creativity.  When Michelle isn’t working you will find her cooking, reading, and learning about healthy lifestyles.  She is glad to have the opportunity to have worked with Chloe on The Little Canopy. “

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Wedding Food Trucks

Who doesn’t love food trucks? I think everyone from kids to adults can get excited over seeing a food truck pass by, wondering what kind of food they serve, and where they’re going to stop by.  Having all that fun in your wedding will just keep everyone excited and entertained.  It may also become a great way to save money on caterer plus any other charges that are required, and yet still having selection for your guests to choose from.

artsy wedding idea food truck wedding^ Justin Lee Photography
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artsy wedding idea food truck wedding^ Ryan Wilcox Photography via Snippet & Ink
artsy wedding idea food truck wedding^ Kelly Sweet Photography via Elizabeth Anne Designs



Dessert Table

One Girl Cookies


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Canvas & Canopy Events

Dessert tables at weddings and events are so much fun.  Not only is it filled with goodies, it’s fun to look at!  One of the easiest way to decorate an empty space in your wedding venue is a dessert table.  And the best part is, it’s so easy to make it look nice.  A few plates of dessert of your choice, that you can even purchase at regular supermarkets, a few puffy flower decorations or some kind of vertical centerpiece and voila!  Dessert table is a great place to have your guests mingle as well.

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