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Happy New Year!!

Get Out of Debt Pledge for New Years Resolution

I was debating what kind of wedding themes and tips I’d like to share with you for the first blog post of 2013, but instead I decided to share a little new year resolution of mine.  I came across And Then We Saved blog by Anna Newell Jones awhile back, and I was so intrigued by her devotion to get out of debt in a couple of years that I kept reading her blog from beginning to the end.  Although I’m not in a huge student loan debt, nor do I have shopping sprees, I do want to start saving money for the rainy days, future business investments, more craft projects, baby/college funds and also donation for my choice of charity.  Also since we just bought a house, there’s unlimited things I want to do for it.  I sat down with my husband yesterday to do our budgets for the future, and told him about my new plan.  I’m thinking of putting him in the Spending Diet first, while I go on the Spending Fast.

I think the most challenge for us is eating at home every day, every week, every month.  We usually go eat out 3 dinners out of the week, giving me a break from cooking every other day.  That also means I’ll have to start going to grocery stores more frequently, which is probably the biggest problem of me not cooking everyday.  So for this month January, that will be my goal.

Also, we’re going to start paying by cash.  Every pay check we get, we’ll deposit, take out our budget in cash for food + gas, and only spend that much.  Whatever we get left over will go into paying the card.  And the money we get from any side jobs, we’ll keep 10% for our allowance (that way we have some incentive to try harder), the rest will again go into paying the card.

Who’s with me?