Things to do in Atlanta- Stone Mountain

I’ve been living in Georgia for about nine years now and I’m embarrassed to say that I have never been to Stone Mountains until this past weekend!  It was a beautiful weekend, just about 70 degrees (in December.. that’s crazy!), with a good amount of cloud and cool breeze.

Unfortunately I only have pictures after we got up there to share because we were so busy enjoying the walk up the mountain.  It only took about 30 mins I believe, might be less.  There’s a few options to parking and enjoying view:

1) Park by the cable car entrance, walk about half a mile to the entrance of the trail and then take the cable car down (or take the cable car up, walk down the the trail and back to the car)
2) Park by the trail entrance, walk up the trail and walk down the trail
3) Park by the cable car entrance, take the cable car up, and down.

We did option #1, not really by choice but due to lack of research. haha!
We didn’t do anything else other than the trail and enjoying the view up there, but the park itself is very nicely done, and it seems like there’s a lot more to do.  Especially if you’re with kids, and also around this time of the year when the Snow Mountain is open.

Perhaps a good place for your guests and family to enjoy before/after your wedding.




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