December Barn Wedding

Alina from My Yellow Umbrella has shared with us her beautiful barn wedding, with all of her DIY skills.    She made the wedding invitations, programs, sparkler tags, cupcake log stand, banners, photo props, ring bearer pillow, flower girl dress, craspedia bouquets/boutonnieres, comment cards, the I Do sign, twine globes, and a lot of thrifting for table decorations and the vintage suitcase.  She sure kept her goal of keeping it unique, affordable and mostly handmade!  Make sure to check out her blog for lots of DIY tutorials and her Etsy Shop where she sells a lot of her sewing products.  I especially love this sailor’s knot rope door stopper.  I’d love a nautical theme wedding bride to use this as one of the decorations.

Anyways back to Alina’s DIY wedding photos!

DIY Handmade Barn Wedding RingsDIY Handmade Barn Wedding Cowboy BootsDIY Handmade Barn Wedding Billy Ball BoutonieresDIY Handmade Barn Wedding InvitationsDIY Handmade Barn Wedding Dress Detail ShotDIY Handmade Barn Wedding Bride Getting REadyDIY Handmade Barn Wedding The VowsDIY Handmade Barn Wedding GroomsmentDIY Handmade Barn Wedding Bridesmaids^ I love bridesmaids in flats!
DIY Handmade Barn Wedding BouquetDIY Handmade Barn Wedding Bridal PartyDIY Handmade Barn Wedding IDO Directional SignsDIY Handmade Barn Wedding CupcakeDIY Handmade Barn Wedding CupcakeDIY Handmade Barn Wedding LemonadeDIY Handmade Barn Wedding Pomander Ball BouquetsDIY Handmade Barn Wedding Mr Mrs BannerDIY Handmade Barn Wedding Cake StandDIY Handmade Barn Wedding Dessert TableDIY Handmade Barn Wedding Striped Paper Straws^ I love paper straws
DIY Handmade Barn Wedding Sparklers
DIY Handmade Barn Wedding Aisle CandlesDIY Handmade Barn Wedding Here Comes the BrideDIY Handmade Barn Wedding Here Comes the BrideDIY Handmade Barn Wedding AltarDIY Handmade Barn Wedding MessagesDIY Handmade Barn Wedding Ring Pillow^ I can’t believe she made all these!DIY Handmade Barn Wedding Cards^ Great vintage suitcase find!DIY Handmade Barn Wedding The CoupleDIY Handmade Barn Wedding The CoupleDIY Handmade Barn Wedding The Couple Exit

Location| Fulton Valley Farms
Video | Craig and Mary Beebe of The Brickhouse Studios
Photography | Jackie and Casey Cooper of Jackie Cooper Photo
Hair | Kayla Bodley at House of Hair Salon
Wedding dress | The Savvy Bride
Bridesmaids dress | David’s Bridal (link to the dresses here)
Groom’s/groomsmen custom suits | (custom suits for $100 each!)
Grant’s (ringbearer) suspenders and bowtie | The Baxter Boy (Etsy Shop)
Striped candy bags | Two Crazy Ladies (Etsy Shop)
Gray striped straws | Shop Sweet LuluCandy (75 pounds of it, folks) | and
Flowers | Dillon’s Floral Department
Ruffle fabric for flower girl dresses |
Groomsmen, groom and usher’s ties |
Sparklers |
Bride’s Shoes | Off Broadway Shoes
Bridesmaid Shoes |
Cupcakes, drinks and cups/utensils | Sam’s Club
Yellow plates and napkins | The Dollar Tree
Mason jar drink dispensers, yellow parasol and yellow paper lanterns (hanging above the candy table) | World Market
Glassware on candy table | mostly thrifted,  HomeGoods and Target!
Pepsi crate on candy table | Bondie’s Old Town Antique Mall, a local antique shop

Alina’s Top Ten DIY Tips

1. Think about getting married in the off-season; by having a December wedding, we got our location for half-price, simply because it was their off-season.
2. To second my note above, stay away from anything labeled “wedding” just for the sake of being labeled. I saw so many prices doubled just because they had “wedding” in the name!
3. Think ordinary; our cupcakes were bought in bulk from Sam’s. We heard (I didn’t have time to stop and eat one!) that they were awesome. They also looked pretty because my mom insisted that we cut out cupcake wrappers and top them with a monogram.
4. Do it yourself; you can see for yourself the list of items we made ourselves above. By simply spending the time creating the things we wanted, we cut out all of the expenses we would have incurred in paying someone. For the items we didn’t have time to make, we tried to use local businesses and Etsy shops. What you’ll end up with is something totally unique and completely personalized.
5. Cut down on fresh flowers; the only fresh flowers we bought were babies breath, ranunculus and a couple of bouquets of simple white flowers they already had in the store. If I could do it over again, I wouldn’t even special-order the ranunculus. They were beautiful, but accounted for over half of our total flower cost ($120 total, if you’re wondering), and they had so many beautiful white flowers I could have also used (which I did end up doing since the ranunculus were so small). I’ll do a post on flowers later, but these are my initial thoughts!
6. Do your research; we were able to buy $100 custom suits and all of the ties were under $15 (some were even $5!). That’s less than renting a tux for each guy AND they all came out of the deal with a custom suits, folks! By doing your research to find the best price, you can feel confident in what you are buying.
7. Shop on clearance and thrift your heart out; my shoes were bought on clearance, my dress came from a consignment shop, our mason jars came from thrift shops/Craiglist/friends, everthing (except the mason jar drinks dispensers) from World Market was on clearance, most of the glassware was thrifted…rarely did we buy something for full price, but if we did, we did our research first (see #6).
8. Decide what’s important and spend your money there; I’ve always said that pictures would be the most important for me. My feelings are that your big day are gone in such a flash that all you’re left with is photos, memories and maybe even a video. So, photography took the biggest chunk of our budget, which was 1000% OK since we planned for it. From there, we were able to allocate the remaining money to everything else. It helped us to pare down and sort through the list of possible items to include. For example, we didn’t have a DJ, so we set up a Spotify playlist on my Mac and had a friend in charge of making sure everything ran smoothly. F-R-E-E! (Thanks, Ben!)
9. Let people help you; this one was hardest for me. Not because I wanted to control it, but because there were so many little things I was picturing, I had a hard time communicating and delegating it all. Probably the biggest help to me was when my mom came down for the weekend and sat me down to research and order things we needed (like the candy). I needed someone to make me focus on getting it done, rather than spending my time stressing about it. (Thanks, Mom!) We also made our twine lanterns (interrupted in the middle by an earthquake!) and I finished the flower girl dresses that weekend. Oh, and my Nana came up a day earlier and we took care of buying all of the paper goods. Not only was it a huge help to me having them there, but we also created some fun memories. So, have a girl’s night with your friends or get together with your family and knock those projects out!
10. Finally, know that your big day is going to go fast. By preparing myself for that, I remembered to stop at different times during the day and try to freeze that moment in my memory. I missed things, yes…I didn’t get anything to eat or drink and I didn’t see the kids eating candy or people enjoying the fires outside, but I do remember what my thoughts were when I woke up, I remember seeing my friend Krissy on the couch as I was leaving for my hair appointment, I remember the quiet time spent with my mom, Jackie and Kayla as I was getting my hair done, I remember the looks on the groomsmen faces during the ceremony, I remember the things my daddy whispered to me when we were dancing (he made me cry big time), I remember the hugs we got right after the ceremony, I remember seeing precious friends that live far away, I remember the moment we decided it was time to leave and I remember being on cloud 9 as we drove away. That day was truly the best day of my life and I’m still so elated as I sit here remembering.



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