How to address your guests on your invitation


Your ultimate guide to how to address your guests on your invitation envelopes!

Traditionally, there are inner envelopes and outer envelopes.  The outer envelope is mainly for mailing purposes addressing it to the main guest.  The inner envelope is for the host to clear out who they are inviting.  This is also a good, polite way to tell the guests that you are either inviting or not inviting children and plus ones.  Outer envelopes are more formal, including the first name, title, and the last name, and the inner envelopes are generally less formal.  Please note that if you do not include the children or plus one in the inner envelope, you’re implying that they are not invited.

Hope this guideline helps for you to properly address your wedding guests!
(All “Ms.” listed below can be interchanged with “Miss”.)


How to address envelope



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