How To Be Picture-Perfect on Your Wedding Day

How to be picture perfect on your wedding day

You’ve already started on a healthier diet and regular trips to the gym, and you’re doing quite well. You’re confident that you’ll be in perfect shape for your gorgeous wedding dress. But cutting down on carbs and running the treadmill aren’t enough if you want to be picture-perfect on your wedding day.

Preparing your skin, makeup and pose is will greatly help you to get to that bridal beauty goal.  Here are some of the things you shouldn’t leave off your list before your big day.

Your Skin

You need to be ready for every kind of shot, including close-ups, so you just have to have glowing skin on that day.

-Check your face for any pimples, redness, dryness and others. Use a facial cleanser and moisturizer that are made for your type of skin. Follow instructions on the product packaging carefully.

-If you’ve got skin breakout conditions and other more serious problems, go and see a dermatologist right away. Tell the doctor that you want to prepare your face for your wedding day. He or she should be more than happy to help you.

-If you wish to have a facial treatment by a professional, never do it less than two months before the event. You might walk down the aisle looking like a red apple.

-Some brides-to-be are tempted to have an artificial tan. It doesn’t matter if you’re getting a tan for the first time or if you’re a regular at a tanning salon. Make sure you don’t overdo it and that you don’t do it too close to that special date. And if you can resist it, it’s best not to do it at all.

-Don’t overlook your hands, because it will be photographed more than a few times to show your wedding and engagement rings. So be sure to use a hand lotion or cream regularly, too. It will also moisturize your nails.

Your Makeup

Even if your friends call you the hair and makeup guru, you should have a hair and makeup artist with you on your wedding day. This will help you a lot in having a more relaxed and enjoyable time before you face the camera.

-Browse through magazines or the Internet for the kind of look that you want. Clip or print the photos of your style choice.

-If you don’t have a go-to makeup artist and hairstylist yet, check out two, at the very least. Show them the photos of the look that you want and have a trial makeup session with both. Pick the one that you like better.

– Before your wedding day, make sure you have your eyebrows groomed. Don’t rely on the makeup artist to do all your eyebrow grooming hours before your  ceremony.

Your Pose

If you’re not into celebrities, this is that one time in your life that you should give time to visit entertainment websites to look at their red carpet photos and videos. Check out how they do their poses and smiles.

-Practice in the mirror this favorite standing pose of celebrities:
+ Stand with shoulders straight. Turn your hips at a 45-degree angle away from the camera.
+ Place your weight on one foot and slightly cross the other leg in front, pointing the foot towards the camera.
+ Don’t forget to relax your knees and smile.

-You also need to relax your face. Don’t let yourself be rushed when photos are being taken. Ask for some time out from the photographers – just a few seconds to close your eyes and rest your lips and cheeks.

-Last but not the least, do your best not to get tensed and worked up about your wedding. Remember that most skin breakout conditions are caused by stress. Stop and think about what you’re worrying, you’ll realize that most of your concerns are quite petty and not worth stressing about.

Keep in mind that it’s your event. Enjoy everything and smile.


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