Wedding 101: Paparazzi

Wedding 101 Etiquette on Photography

We all know you have an awesome DSLR or digital camera, and have great photography skills, but the hired photographer should be the only one clicking away during the ceremony.  If you must take pictures, take it way before the ceremony, or after the ceremony, or anywhere from behind the photographer.

Reason being:

– Your flash can interfere with the main photographer’s photos.

– The sound alone can ruin intimate moments.

– If the bride gets her photos and you’re in the background with your huge camera, she’s not going to be happy!

– The photographer might not have the best angle, trying to cut you out of the photo.

– Extra people out of their seat during the ceremony just creates extra noise and chaos.

Ways to avoid it:

– Have someone announce that you would appreciate everyone to stay in their seats during the ceremony to respect the couple, and the main photographer.

– Have a note on each program asking guests for their cooperation.


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1 camie | 05.26.13 at 4:24 pm |

This is true. I’ve been to so many weddings, and now with the digital era taking off, it seems that everywhere has their iphones out and is clicking away, not letting photographers do their job!

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