Wedding Emergency Kit

Must Have Items for Wedding Emergency Kit

Things you must have in Bride’s or Bridesmaids’ Emergency Kit

1. Advil
2. Band-aid (Louis Vuitton Bandage)3. Safety Pin
4. Nail Polish (that the bride is wearing)
5. Double side tape
6. Super Glue
7. Breath Mint
8. Tide To Go
9. Visine (or extra set of contact lens + solution)
10. Eyelash Kit (tweezers, eyelash glue, extra lashes)
11. Sewing Kit
12. Oil Absorbing Sheets
13. Bobby Pins
14. Hair Spray
15. Emergen-C

These are the basic kit.  I ended up using Advil, band-aid for the back of my heel, safety pin for the veil, double sided tape for the top of my dress, Visine, the eyelash glue for one of the girls and of course, breath mint! Try to not take gum, because you might forget to spit it out and be stuck with it during the ceremony, and have an awkward smile.  Lol! A lot of these you can find it for 50 cents-$1 at CVS or Rite Aid in the traveler’s section.

Other things that you might also want to add:

-Matching makeup
-Chocolate or Candy
-Wet Wipes
-Lint Roller




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