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If you have two maids of honor, this would be a great way to capture a special moment with both of them.





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5 Things NOT to do as a great bridesmaid

I’d like to introduce you to Rosie from!  She is our guest blogger for today.  MyTrueBlu is a wonderful website dedicated for the bridesmaids and close friends of the brides.  She gives advices, tips, design ideas for what the bridesmaid needs guidance on.  From bridal shower, bachelorette party planning, bridesmaids dresses, makeup tips, to how to be an awesome bridesmaid, myTrueBlu covers all that you need to know to make your bride friend happy.  Check her website out, and share it with your bridesmaids and friends!  Here’s a few important tips from MyTrueBlu how to be a great bridesmaid by NOT doing these.

5 Things NOT to do as a great bridesmaid

5 Things NOT to do as a great bridesmaid

Being a bridesmaid in your bff’s wedding is such an exciting role. Along with planning
the pretty details of her wedding the bride-to-be will be under a major amount of stress.
Knowing what you can do to reduce her stress level is extremely important. The bride
will look to you for emotional support as she prepares for her big day. Here are 5 tips
you should avoid in your role as a bridesmaid.

1. Ignore the bride-to-be
The last time the bride-to-be has heard from you was at her engagement party. We all
lead busy schedules, but if being part of her bridal party conflicts with your schedule, it
needs to be communicated. Avoiding her calls, not responding to emails, and skipping
out on meetings will only lead to bitterness and frustration. It’s always best to discuss it
early on.

2. Forget important dates
Dress fittings, rehearsals, and the bridesmaid brunch are just a few key dates you’ll need
to remember. Being late or not showing up is majorly time consuming on the bride-
to-be’s tight schedule. If you know ahead of time of a scheduling conflict, inform her

3. Constantly Complain
You know that nitpicky never can please friend that’s overly opinionated? She doesn’t
like the dress, doesn’t want to participate in anything, the wedding is a major financial
burden, and the list goes on. It’s always nice to voice your opinion as long as it doesn’t
agitate the bride. If being part of the bridal party is a major stress, reevaluate your

4. Fight with the other bridesmaids
You’ve met the other ladies of the bridal party and not too keen with some of the other
personalities. Getting along or at bare minimum being cordial to the other ladies is
extremely important. Creating tension with the other bridesmaids can and will stress
out the bride-to-be. So please do play nice and get along for the bride!

5. Invite guest to her wedding
This is an obvious, right? It’s never okay to invite guest to attend your friend’s wedding
without approval. If you’re unsure of the details on your invite notify the bride-to-be to
avoid any unnecessary tension.

Being a bridesmaid is secondary. Be a friend first and you’ll do great in your role for
her big day!


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