10 ways to Keep Kids Entertained at the Wedding

How to keep kids entertained at weddings

1) Make a separate children’s table with children’s menu

I went to a wedding that had tables with children only with children’s menu organized for them! Mini burger, macaroni and cheese, chicken nuggets, etc.  With maybe one or two adults supervising over 4-5 tables, they looked like they were all having fun without any adults!  And their food looked better than ours.

2) Make a room for children

Depending on your venue, if there’s a room to accommodate all the children, have them all hang out in that room.  The worst thing is to tell children to stay quiet and sit still, they’ll be less stressed hanging out in the room and then coming out when it’s time to eat!  Also moms with babies can use this space to nurse them.

3) Play the “I Spy”game

Make a fun game for kids to play, with a surprise prize at the end! Print a list of things that they might be able to find in the wedding, and have to go on a scavenger hunt.  First one to collect them all will get the prize.

4) Game area, board game

Make an area for games, or leave out board games on the children’s tables.  Try to find games that don’t need too much adult supervision, or ones that involves throwing.

5) Play a kid’s movie

Get a small TV or a laptop and have a movie night for the kids!  It’ll keep them entertained for many hours.  Have a popcorn stand so that they can enjoy popcorn and snacks too.

6) Drawing and crafts

Cover the children’s table with large paper and leave crayons and craft activities out on each table.  Make sure they’re water soluble!

7) Build a canopy

Build a canopy, tent, or teepee and add kids in them.  All you need to keep them having lots of fun!

8) Arrange floor seating

Get cushions, bean bags for kids to sit on the floor.  They can lay down, sit down and fidget all they want.  Happy kids = great party.

9) Book reading

Have one of your friend or a babysitter to do a book reading with all the kids.  It’ll be like story telling at a library!

10) Give them responsibilities

Think of things that the kids can contribute to your wedding.  Can you have to blow bubbles when you’re exiting? Can you have them throw confetti? How about having them in a row and do a human wave?  How about giving them disposable cameras, make a list of things they need to take pictures of? (For ex. a kissing couple, a man in a red tie, etc).  How about giving the girls a ribbon stick for them to twirl around?